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COVID-19 Dutch Protocols

As in much of the world, The Dutch Film and Television industry has developed a shooting protocol to be adhered to during the

Covid-19 pandemic. 

A link to the full protocol in English can be found here:

Man on Streets Filming

The protocol contains hygiene guidelines, precautionary and protective measures and rules of behaviour and provides clarity to everyone who is involved in audio-visual productions, including professionals, businesses, public service and commercial broadcasters, clients, financiers, and insurers/guarantee funds. 


The protocol focuses on the development, preproduction, production and postproduction of audio-visual productions in the broad sense of the term, both scripted and non-scripted, including news and informative programmes, entertainment, commercials, fiction, documentaries, animation, and interactive productions. It applies to various work situations, including filming in the studio and/or when on location indoors or outdoors. It also covers the way activities can continue to be performed safely at home. 

Attend the Set Virtually: The New Normal

If you are not able to attend the shoot due to time-zone constraints, travel restrictions or unpredictable circumstances, we can arrange real-time, high resolution set-ups from set. Please inquire for a quote.


Being able to virtually attend load-in, set-up, shoot, strike, post, casting, or shoots, have discreet meetings will not only bring piece of mind, but can also reduce costs, turnaround times, carbon footprint, and your time.