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Filming In The Netherlands

If you’re planning a shoot in The Netherlands here is some key information to get you started. Contact me for detailed information for your project.

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Visa + Work Permits

Travelling with your own Crew:

The Netherlands is a member of the Schengen Area.

Only certain countries within the EU need visas and there is no need for work permits.


Film crews travelling on US or Canadian passports can enter visa-free and stay for up to 90 days.

No work permit is required if crew is paid through your production house.

It is recommended that you contact your local Dutch embassy to verify the information above.

Travelling with your own Equipment:

  • Productions from EU-countries do not need a carnet (import or export declaration)

  • Non-EU-countries are always advised to declare their equipment at the Dutch customs

  •  Amsterdam Schiphol airport provides a free service to handle and stamp your ATA carnet

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Working Conditions for Crew

In The Netherlands are no strict rules for working hours and rates, however there is a well established structure and working norms.


You have to negotiate with each crewmember, or arrange a budget with the Head of Department, who will make the deals with the assistants, for example: light, grip, make-up, wardrobe.

Working Permits

The Netherlands is part of the EU. No special working permits needed for members of the EU.

Working Hours

For feature films, a working day is 10 hours including 30 minutes lunch.

Maximum travel time (not paid) per day is 1 or 2 hours in case of 12 hour deal that calculates from home.


Also common: 10 hours 15 minutes of shooting including 45 minutes lunch.


Standard (most common) day scheme:

07.45 hrs: Breakfast

08.00 hrs: CREWCALL

13.00 hrs: Lunch (30 minutes)

18.00 hrs: WRAP


Depending on negotiations:

  • After 10 hours: 150% (or first hour 125% before going to 150% for the 2nd hour).

  • For some projects it’s possible to deal just 100% for the first 2 hours, but it’s gets less common to do this.

  • After 12 or 14 hours: 150% or 200%.

  • Flat fees are always including overtime.

  • A 12-hour deal is also often made, which means 12 hours working day, including travel time. In this case overtime would be 150% after 12 hours.

  • Turnaround needs to be at least 10 hours - meaning crew should be at home for 10 hours, it doesn’t include travel time.

  • Normally crew is not allowed to charge overtime, but they can when it happens too often: 100% or 150% per hour.

Night Shoots

Same fee as daytime shoots, although this is changing, especially for the technical crew.

After a night shoot follow 2 unpaid days off or 1 paid sleeping day.


Most Heads of Department get flat deals for the whole production.

Production crew gets mostly paid by month. Sometimes the script supervisor as well, due to long prep.

All other crew members get daily rates.

In the Netherlands, all crew members are self-employed and bill their services to production services. With the exception of full-time in-house staff, this is the status of every crew member.


Car: € 0,19/km

Car: € 0,28 - 0,45/km (when transporting equipment)

Truck: € 0,55 - 1,00/km

Per diems vary (15 - 35 euros per day)


The Netherlands  generally honours 30 day payment terms.

Petty Cash:  As Credit Cards are not widely accepted at most stores, consider other options for petty cash such as arranging through a local physical bank.

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Actors' Rates

There are no standard rates for actors in The Netherlands.

It depends on experience, quality and popularity.

Rehearsals and fittings are paid 50%, or included in the flat deal for the main actors.

Agency fee is usually between 10 and 15%. More common to pay 12 or 15%.

There are strict rules for working with children on set.


Day rates for extras + fees from casting agencies:

  • Extras € 35 - 50 to be paid on set

  • Fee € 20 - 25 invoice from the agency

  • Specials € 50 - 150 to be paid on set

  • Fee € 35 - 50 invoice from the agency

  • For epic films, add around 20 euros per person for fittings.

  • Some agencies also use a fee when the hair has to be cut.

When you're not working with a casting agency, extras are usually paid 35 - 40 euros on set.

Catering for extras is separate from crew & cast when there is a large amount of extras.

If there is a small group of extras, they get the same catering as crew & cast.

Working Conditions for Cast

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