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What I Do

If you’re planning a shoot in The Netherlands or surrounding areas and need support with your TV-show, documentary, commercial or news report, I can help:​


Turn-Key Remote Multi-Camera Production/Outside Broadcast

One of my specializations. I offer deep experience and vast knowledge of live or recorded multi-camera remote (studio or location) production for television or live events.  


If your project requires a studio setting with 2 or more cameras, specialty cameras, and the best Crew and Directors The Netherlands has to offer,

you can count on me for a turn-key, flawless experience. I will fully line-produce, from brief to post:

  • Location and Studio scouting

  • Scheduling your production from Pre to Post

  • OB, Production Truck booking - any size from the most reputable suppliers in the country

  • Sourcing and Managing best Crew, Director, Lighting Directors for your project

  • Best Drone, Steadi-Cam, Jib operators

  • Backline Suppliers for live music

  • Teleprompters

  • Audience recruiting, booking, managing, loading, entertaining

  • Security

  • Special considerations for celebrities or high profile guests/performers/speakers

  • Full Staging needs

  • Crew Catering

  • Any other needs to facilitate a successful production or recorded event

  • Special requests - and I have heard them all !!! 

Row of houses in Amsterdam


With over 10 years in The Netherlands, I can dive deep into any sort of information you need, getting to know the special ins and outs like a local but with the fresh eyes of an expat.  


From those unique and hidden gems to the open and well known, I can provide you with all you need to know in a professionally presented brief or simply skype call.

Office Work


After a call discussing your needs, you will be provided with a list of services recommended to ensure everything runs smoothly for you hassle free, including release forms, payroll, invoicing, and budgets.  


If you would like a budget for your shoot here, we can discuss this in our initial correspondence.

Employees Translating

Translation Services

We can provide you with a fast quote and turnaround time on translation services for documents and scripts as well as multilingual talent. 

Cargo Airplane

Flights and Hotel Arrangements

As a part of the complete services, flights and hotel arrangements and recommendations can be made, or quotes provided complete with maps, contact numbers, and all you need to make your shoot as smooth and efficient as possible. 

River Bridge Lookout in Amsterdam

Location Scouting

After an initial discussion or brief about your shoot and needs, we will visit a variety of locations and provide details as requested such as measurements, floor plans, power information, photos and quotes, and promptly send.  

Busy city street

Filming Permits

The necessity of a filming permit is case by case depending on the location and the size of the production.  


We will arrange permits for police presence, road closures, stunts/effects/pyro, crowds, or advise you if one is needed.

Stage crew working

Crewing and Casting

With an established network, I can connect you with the top crew and personnel in the country to help you create your production on the highest level possible.

RED camera

Equipment Rentals

We have well established relationships with the local rental houses. 


To ensure availability, it is recommended to send along your envisioned equipment list in advance so we can make inquiries and get a free quote for your production.

Trailers in a lot

Transport and Drivers

Whether it’s airport transfers, car rentals for getting around (although I highly recommend bicycles for this!), or a package truck complete with driver, arrangements can be made for you.

Signing a Contract

Release Forms

Dutch versions of locations and other release forms you might require can be provided or we can connect your legal department with a suitable translation service.

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Payroll can be handled through Fixer in The Netherlands/Dutchadian Productions through our established relationships with the most reputable suppliers.

Buffet of Food


Navigating what and where to eat can be a challenge in a new place.  On-set catering, and arrangements for production staff and executives can be arranged keeping all your needs streamlined and worry free.